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Our farms are all Hemp Act compliant, grown in the USA. Our hemp is grown with “Organic” standard operating procedures. 

To preserve purity of our raw hemp, we are using the latest technology for extraction methods. To be able to maximize our raw material 

All our products are tested and monitored by a third-party to bring you the safest, all natural, CBD extracts.


Our Products

Benefits Of Cannabidol

How hemp can help your body

The ECS or Endocannabinoid System is composed out of cell receptors and their adjacent molecules. These receptors act pretty much like locks, as only specific keys can open them up or, in this case, make them react.

What is CBD

CBD is used to treat a wide-range of conditions including, epilepsy, joint pain, nerve pain, faster wound healing, skin problems, -inflammation, muscle soreness and more.

CBD Studies

As of now, CBD can only be purchased in legalized states as with THC-containing products. However, cannabis activists and an increasing number of supporters within the medical community agree that CBD is a powerful relief agent that poses no discernible health risk.

CBD Legal

United States (US)

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